When to Buy Airline Tickets

How people traveled long distances before airplanes existed is beyond our understanding.

However, flying can be complicated and stressful too. If you don’t own a private jet, you have to deal with all kinds of things, like TSA agents feeling you up, rude flight attendants, and that crying baby that’s always on your flight. Whether you’re going near or far, over the river or across the pond, the hassle follows. I can’t guarantee this will solve all of your travel problems, but I’ll help you get there. Bon voyage!

Helpful Tips

Consider and check out nearby airports. Some cities have several airports in them or around the area, and the airfare can vary dramatically between them.

On what days should I buy them? Tuesday or Wednesday.

What days should I fly? Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

When is the best time to buy your ticket? 6-8 weeks out.

Holiday travel is the one exception. Buy those tickets as soon as possible.

Shop early, but don’t always buy early. Airlines start offering cheaper flights 4 months out, 5 months for international flights.

Prices changes up to 3 times per day.

When is the most expensive day to fly? Usually Sunday.

Prices rise quickly the week of your flight: How much more? About 40%.

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