Underrated Cities in Europe You Must Add to Your Bucket List

Overlooked, underrated and often missed in favour of more popular destinations, there are plenty of European cities that might not be on your radar yet… But probably should be! Here are 10 underrated cities in Europe you simply must add to your bucket list for your next travel adventure:

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Brasov, Romania

I must admit that when I first booked my stay in Brasov, a city in the very heart of historic Transylvania, I was merely thinking of the easy day trip I would make the following day to Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s Castle and the most visited attraction in all of Romania)!

However, Brasov is a city that soon surprised me and most definitely made me wish I’d booked to stay longer. If you travel here, you can expect to find medieval walls, a well preserved ancient church and the narrowest street in Eastern Europe (otherwise known as rope street).


Best things to do in Brasov, Romania: a quick guide on what to see and where to go in this Transylvanian city!

Metz, France

Located on the border between Luxembourg and France, Metz is an ancient city that has changed hands plenty of times over the centuries (and was even once inhabited by the Teutonic Knights). Head here to learn all about the history of the Lorraine region of France.

After all, this is an area often overlooked in favour of its more famous neighbours, Champagne and Alsace. Now located in the newly designated ‘Grand-Est’ region of France, Metz is a city with plenty of leafy green space, medieval architecture, as well as the third tallest cathedral in France.


Metz Cathedral: three days in Lorraine, France

Gdansk, Poland

Stunning and by the sea, the ancient port town of Gdansk is often overlooked in favour of more famous Polish cities like Warsaw or Kraków. But that doesn’t mean you should overlook this stunning destination when you’re planning your next European getaway.

Head here and you can expect to find plenty of churches, cobbled lanes, a complicated history and a whole load of good food (make sure to try the locally brewed beer and sample some pierogis!). And as if all that’s not already enough, you can also take an easy day trip from Gdansk to the nearby city of Malbork, where you’ll find the largest castle in the world (which was built by the Teutonic Knights).

gdansk, poland

Edinburgh, Scotland

While most visitors to the UK opt to visit London (England’s capital) rather than Edinburgh (Scotland’s Capital), this is most definitely a mistake! After all, there are plenty of fun, cultural and historical things to do in Edinburgh, a city built on the remains of extinct volcanoes- not to mention that a trip here will definitely cost much less than a visit to London!

Head to Edinburgh if you want to follow the Harry Potter trail (JK Rowling lived in the city when she conceived the idea for the Boy Who Lived and as a result, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for the books around the city and beyond), want to visit many museums (Dolly the Sheep is housed in Edinburgh’s National Museum) and want to learn more about Scottish culture, as well as see some incredible castles!


victoria street edinburgh

Bucharest, Romania

Hip cool and buzzing, the capital of Romania, Bucharest, is often referred to as ‘little Paris’ and ‘New Berlin’ thanks to its Haussmannian style architecture and Berlinesque nightlife. Head here if you want to experience some culture, learn some history (many of the best museums in all of Romania can be found here) and wander around city where you really have to explore to uncover its hidden gems.


Best things to do in Bucharest, Romania

Wells, UK

Of all the European cities you probably never considered visiting, the tiny city of Wells may well top the list. The ancient city of Wells may be one of the very smallest cities in the United Kingdom (and on this list), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t packed with things to do!

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