Super Simple Homemade Moisturizer

We’ve all read the articles that solidify our concerns  about additives in cosmetics and skin care products. While this is disturbing to some, to others, so long as it’s not being ingested, the skin will provide a suitable barrier. What people forget is that harsh chemicals can still be absorbed through the skin, and with that in mind we set about making a natural moisturizer.

homemade facial moisturizer with coconut oil

But, DIY doesn’t have to be complicated.

This simple homemade moisturizer uses just three ingredients! 

Here’s the main ingredients and why we used them:

Anti Aging. Again very, very moisturizing but also contains anti fungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Has similar effects on the skin to an antioxidant.
Scar healing. Vitamin E is known to really good at reducing scar tissue, acne and skin blemishes. It’s why it’s in popular scar and acne ‘over the counter’ treatments. Additionally, the oil helps hold this solution together.
Relaxing. Lavender oil is a well known antioxidant, helping to rid skin of free radicals. It’s a great overall muscle relaxer and it’s similar to vanilla in this respect.



  1. Yes, you wanted simple! We warned you. Simply melt the coconut oil (by placing the jar into a bowl of warm water) and mix in the Vit E and Lavender, give it a mix up and let it set.
  2. Whip with a fork if you want.


When the coconut solidifies, you’ll end up with a mixture that contains the health benefits of all the ingredients in one, quick and simple homemade moisturizer.

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That’s it – Enjoy!

Need something to put this Homemade Moisturizer in?


We use these retro looking glass jars that seal for freshness! In fact, they’re pretty good for anything and cheap too, but we use them just because it doesn’t clutter our cupboards and it makes body butters and moisturizers look far better! I don’t think we’d make it if it had to go in a bowl with kitchen foil and the like! What else could we put our moisturizer in!

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