Oats in bath

I like lifting and training my body so I used to eat a lot of oats and they have practically formed my daily breakfast since 2 years now. The main reason is for the high content of proteins (13.5g/100g) and carbohydrates (58.7g/100g). But it seems to have also other benefits. A lot of mothers contributing in web forums say that bathing their children with eczema in a bathtube with oats helps relieve itching and inflammation. However, to be honest, I thought that oats might aggravate my eczema because it is pretty hard to digest in comparison to other foods so I gave them a break.

Oats in bath

So I simply avoided oats when I got eczema, just to be on the safe side. Later on, when I was studying all the possible ways to treat eczema, I found out that it was probably a good idea as oatmeal is a food that can cause a little bit of inflammation. On the other hand there are studies that it somehow also has anti-inflammatory benefits. Anyway, the truth stays the same, oats are certainly a healthy food reach in vitamins, minerals and fiber. One cup contains approx. 55% of daily Vitamin B1, 61% of Phosphorous, 35% of Magnesium and about 43% of Zinc.

Anyway, as I kept reading good stories about its positive effects in baths, I decided to try out the oatmeal baths, or better said in my case – soaks as I didn’t need it for my whole body. I filled a half cup with oats and a little bit of water and soaked my fingers in for 20 minutes a couple of times. My eczema didn’t really improve, but I can tell that I liked the feeling how it made my skin smoother. I think that if nothing, it is definitely a good idea for face masks to achieve a nice anti-aging and smoothing effect on the skin.

The great thing about this is also that oats are pretty cheap and you can buy them practically in any grocery store. I’ve also heard that there are special creams composed of oats that should be able to cool down an inflammation on the skin.

Important note

I recently read about and idea that it is a lot healthier to soak oats, and actually other grains and nuts, seeds and legumes before eating them. The idea behind this is that a over-night soak allows lactobacilli break down and neutralize phytic acid, which can normally block absorption of nutrients. It certainly is a good idea, because in general, it is already known that almost any healthy food converts in a superfood by fermenting it. Such a food is also pre-digested, which makes it very easy for our body to absorb its nutrients and spare energy.

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