No Sew Pouch DIY

No Sew Pouch DIY – Materials

  • Fleece or felt – I used fleece because it comes in “bigger pieces”, though felt is great too – and I like the stiffness that felt us and those the finished effect of felt. If you can’t get hold of either, then why not experiment with T-shirt material and maybe use pinking sheers to avoid the fraying of the fabric?
  • A leather string or some cord – we upcycled some cord from a free plastic back pack
  • Beads (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Plate for measuring

No Sew Pouch DIY – How To

These really are SUPER easy to make as the video below will demonstrate. However, I have added written instructions for this no sew drawstring pouch below for those of you that prefer to read how to make something (I like to SEE! I am very visual in my learning!).


Fab, isn’t it?!

So here for the No Sew Drawstring Bag – written instructions:

  • Using a pencil (this rubs off easily), draw a large circle onto your fleece. A dinner plate is a good size for our Star Monster collection. A side plate may be a better size for coins or hair clips and hair bands.
  • Using a smaller plate, that is at least inch small from the side (though I think 1.5-2inch is better), draw two short lines 1cm apart all round your circle. I started with 2 at the top, 2 at the bottom, 2 “East” and 2 “West”. Then added two more sets inbetween to get them spaced out evenly.
  • Make 0.5-1cm snips along these lines (running from outside in)
  • Now it is time to thread your leather string or cord.
  • Once threaded through, you can decorate your DIY Drawstring Bag by adding beads to your string. Tie a knot to secure.

And that is it. Your No Sew Pouch DIY is complete!

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