Making New Yewelry

Simple Stringing

Step 1 – Gather the necessary materials

We’ve created Artbeads Starter Sets to make things easy. Order these two sets and your choice of beads from our Artbeads Starter Set shopping list, or check out the list below that for individual tools and components that you’ll need to get started.

Artbeads Starter Set shopping list:

Individual tools and components:

Step 2 – Learn the basics

Cynthia showed you everything you need to know, now it’s time to practice! Use a few crimps and find the right strength for your “good hand shake.” You can test your crimps by giving them a light tug. Once you’re comfortable crimping, try adding a crimp cover. Just remember to close them gently and you’ll have it mastered before you know it.

Got it figured out? You’re ready to start stringing!

Step 3 – Make your first piece

Cut your jewelry wire approximately 3.5 inches longer than how long you want your finished project to be. Add a bead stopper to one end of the wire. The bead stopper will ensure your beads don’t fall off the wire while you are stringing. Add the beads of your choice to the wire. Make sure you use your bead mat while working to protect your beads and also prevent beads from rolling away. Once you have added the beads you like, you can measure your project against your wrist or neck to ensure it will fit as desired. Keep in mind the length of the clasp you will be adding. Now it’s time to add the finishing touches: crimp tubes, crimp covers and a toggle clasp. At the end of your strand, slide on a crimp tube, followed by one piece of the toggle clasp. Then, bring the end of the strand back through the crimp tube. Pull the wire snug, so that the loop coming out of the end of the crimp tube is small. Crimp the crimp tube in place with a crimper tool. Add a crimp cover to the crimp tube. Repeat for the other end of the strand and voila! You’ve finished your first piece.

Step 4 – Explore more

Ready for more? Visit the Artbeads Design Studio and start exploring! We created our Jewelry & Tutorials page with special facets on the left for you to sort and narrow down the inspiration. You can select all sorts of things, including Jewelry Type (bracelet, necklace, etc.) or Designer (Cynthia, Cheri, and more!). Choose “Simple Stringing” under “Technique Used” to see all the projects that use the stringing method that you just learned. You’ll find videos, step-by-step instructions, diagrams, components lists, and loads of inspiration.

We launch new free content every week, so we hope you come back to explore and grow to love jewelry-making like we do.

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