Life Saver Makeup Hacks Every Busy Girl Needs to Know

Makeup hacks for busy women who don’t always have time to perfect their makeup, but always need it looking great! With some great makeup hacks you can stay looking your best even when you are at your busiest. Once you find that perfect trick for your routine you will never look back, because when it comes to busy women, ever minute counts.

Here are my favorite hacks for a busy day that keep me looking great, without added stress!

Long Lasting Lipstick

Follow these nine steps to have picture perfect lipstick all day long. # 1 Exfoliate your lips using an exfoliating stick or scrub to create a smooth surface. # 2 Apply a hydrating lip balm, that is waxy, not oily, so that the lipstick doesn’t slide off. # 3 Lightly apply foundation, or concealer, by patting it over your lips to dull their natural color and allow the true color of the lipstick to show. # 4 Outline the outer edge of your lip with a concealer pencil and blend softly by tapping with your finger. This barrier will prevent your lipstick from bleeding and keeps it on your lips. # 5 Outline your lips in lip liner and then color them in completely. Because the liner is drier than the lipstick it will give the lipstick something to grab onto. # 6 Selectively begin filling in your lips with lip color. # 7 Fill in the rest of your lips. #8 Place a tissue on your lips and dust a translucent powderover over the lips, through the tissue. This steps sets the color, without depositing a heavy layer of powder. # 9 Lightly apply a little more lip color and you are done!

Use this formula of prep, application and products to have long lasting lipstick with little to no reapplication. Plus, once you have the routine down it will take you no time to apply all day lip color. Looking for more makeup hacks, find 22 Lipstick Hacks at Sugarscape.

Perfect Arches in Seconds

Create the perfect eyebrow arch using a spoon! Hold the spoon beneath your eyebrow and line it up with the brow. Then, use an eyebrow pencil to lightly trace the spoon along the eyebrow. Once outlined, fill in the brow using the line as a guide. So, completely, genius. For more spoon makeup hacks, check out 13 Tricks with a Spoon atCosmopolitan.

Image Kathleen Kamphausen via Cosmopolitan

Apply Blush in the Right Spot

Always apply blush beginning one finger from the nose. It doesn’t matter if you are highlighting your eyes, applying a healthy glow to your cheeks or sculpting your cheekbones, this trick always applies. Visit 10 Blush Hacks, Tips, Tricks and learn all about applying blush from

Tinted Moisturizer = Quick Bronzer + Concealer

If you are in a hurry, apply a tinted moisturizer and go! Definitely the best, and quickest, way to look beautiful in no time. Make your own perfect tinted moisturizer right at home to perfectly match your complexion. Plus, making it yourself you can customize it to your liking. Want more bronzer tricks, check out 15 Bronzer Hacks, Tips and Tricks atGurl.

Pretty, Tired Eyes

Tired from being so busy or working long hours, use this makeup hack for a quick, natural eye makeup. Line three sections of each eye: the inner “V,” the middle section of the eyelid, and just below the brow bone, with a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone. Once lined, lightly blend with your finger. This trick helps to brightens eyes by adding highlights for a natural look. Perfect for a fresh, natural makeup palette and routine. Need a different kind of concealer hack, check out 19 Genius Concealer Hacks at Seventeen.

Image Kathleen Kamphausen via Seventeen

Beautiful Eye Shadow in Minutes

Apply shadow by first applying the lightest color to the entire lid stopping just below the fold. Next, apply a slightly darker color from the lashes up, stopping just below the first color, they should blend, not be two distinct blocks. Now apply the darkest color just above the lashes as a guide for any eyeliner. Want to see more eye shadow hacks, go to DIY & Crafts.


Image via DIY & Crafts



There you have it, the best beauty hacks for a busy day! Keep yourself looking beautiful (and professional) even when you are rushing out the door. Just choose the best makeup hacks for your lifestyle and makeup routine. And with so many makeup hacks to choose from you’ll have no problem finding the perfect one, or many, for your makeup routine.

Did you find the perfect makeup hack to make your routine easier on a busy day? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear what your making!

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