Here 9 Makeup Tips For Women Over 30

Each woman has her own tips and a permanent set of cosmetics that she uses to apply makeup after 30 years. This age is associated with slightly changed priorities and provides knowledge and application of some secrets when applying makeup.

After 30-35 years, the structure of the skin and the oval of the face begin to change. So, you need to review both the rules of care and the technique of applying makeup. With age, the rules of makeup will have to be adjusted more and more.

At this time, the woman reaches the peak of femininity, and cosmetic products become one of the ways that this unobtrusively emphasizes. Makeup for women over 30 should be careful and existing tips can help hide the age-related changes on the face skin.

To master the methods of rejuvenating makeup is the main task of every lady. This will give her an opportunity to look younger than her years. Let’s look at nine best makeup tips for women over 30. Using them you will look great:

1. Prime your eyes.

  • Do not forget to use an eye primer, before applying eyeshadows. This will hide lines and wrinkles.

    2. Choose the right mascara.

    • It is better to use lengthening mascara instead of mascara for voluminous eyelashes.

    3. Get some yellow tint. This will give your skin a warm undertone.

    4. Under-eye cream is magical. You should apply eye cream every morning.

    5. Brush your cheekbones with blush. Blush will add freshness to your face.

    6. Give your brows more attention. Fill gaps in your brows with brow pencil or brow shadows.

    7. Use lighter eyeliner.

    • Thanks to black and wide arrows, as well as dark shadows, you will look tired and much older than your years.
    • Brown liner is better choice than black.

    8. Ditch the powder.

    • You should not choose too dense and too light powder.
    • You should not apply it to the area around the eyes – this will emphasize wrinkles.
    • If you need to use it, choose a silica powder.

    9. Go nude.

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