Expedia Travel Hacks To Save More Money

Millions of people love using Expedia to book their travel plans and I don’t blame them. Expedia is one of the world’s largest and most easy to use online travel agencies. You not only can find discounted prices for airfare, hotels and cars on Expedia but you can also find amazing deals on cruises, vacation rentals and things to do while on your trip. However, did you know you can save even more money by using a couple of lesser known Expedia travel hacks?

We ended up using Expedia last year for a spontaneous trip to New Orleans, LA for Halloween and it honestly saved our wallet’s lives. If you don’t already know, hotels in the French Quarter during Halloween average about $300 – $500 a night and go up to $1000 a night!

Those last minute deals made it possible for us to stay in the French Quarter through the entire week of Halloween for less than $90 per night.

How can you find cheap travel with Expedia travel hacks?

Everyone knows about the popular ‘Bundle and Save‘ option on Expedia’s site that can help you save more money on travel but there are so many more Expedia travel hacks that most people don’t even know about.

Let’s go through some of my favorites…

The Expedia Mobile App

There are some great features of the Expedia website, but the mobile app is where it’s at. When you download the Expedia mobile app on your phone, you get an instant $25 off to apply towards your first trip.

By signing up as an Expedia member you also get access to Expedia+ Member Level Pricing. This will add an additional 10% off and up to 30% off on select hotels and other travel accommodations. As an Expedia member you will also be able to earn points when you book travel and be able to apply those points for future trips.

Book Expedia Travel Using Ebates

My absolute FAVORITE savings hack when purchasing anything online, including travel through Expedia, is by using Ebates. Ebates is an awesome savings app where if you make purchases online using the Ebates site or the browser extension, you can get up to 50% cash back.

The current promotion Ebates has for Expedia is  4% cash back when you navigate to Expedia through their extension or through the site itself. Combining that with some of these other hacks in this post can really add up!

If you sign up for Ebates with my link, you will get a free $10 applied to your cash back account that will be paid directly to your PayPal.

Expedia Coupon Codes

When you sign up for Expedia’s email list on either the website or the app, you will receive various deals and coupon codes straight to your inbox. What is great about these is that they are 100% customized to what you normally search for and view on Expedia.

I was looking for deals in Sedona, AZ over Labor Day weekend yesterday. Immediately upon leaving the browser, I received an email from Expedia showing me the best air fares for Flagstaff, AZ for the same timeframe along with other discounted deals in the area.

Daily Package Deals, ‘Unreal Deals’ and Hotels $99 or Less

Some of the best Expedia travel hacks you will find are within Expedia features such as their Daily Package Deals, a feature called Unreal Deals and their Hotels $99 or Less section.

Every day Expedia has daily package deals released from Midnight to Midnight the following day. The deals change daily so it is important to check the website, app or your daily Expedia emails. With the daily package deals you can find hotels and airfare up to 40% off.

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