Easy and Cheap DIY Headboard Ideas with Plans

These DIY headboard ideas with plans are so easy and cheap that you can make them over a weekend. Check out the ideas for all types of headboards.

There are few home projects with such a significant impact on decor as a DIY headboard. It transforms the bedroom, and it can make or break your entire interior design. That’s why, if you’ve decided to save some money and create your headboard, you have to take it seriously. And we’ve come up with this article as your ultimate guide to building the best headboard you can make yourself.

From rustic farmhouse headboards to modern tufted ones, from simple projects for your bed to headboards with shelves, lighting, and storage. We have a tutorial and plans with instructions for each and every type of headboard that you can use to make your own. Read through it to find the materials, tools, and considerations needed to take on such a project, then choose the right tutorial to make it really easy for you. Let’s get crafting!

DIY King Size Headboard Ideas

THese are some of the best easy DIY king size project ideas with plans. What a great list! #DIY #bedroomdecor #homedecor

These are the biggest size headboards and they require special measurement. If you want to make a headboard for this particular size, these plans are the perfect fit for you.

DIY Queen Size Headboard Ideas

These are the most popular size headboards. A queen size headboard will fit most bed frames, including twin XL sizes. It’s easier to adjust the measurements for your custom needs using these plans too.

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DIY Twin Size Headboard Ideas

These headboards for the smallest size beds which can fit one person. They are usually designed for small spaces and includes storage and shelves to make a functional piece of furniture.

Next is the list of all headboard ideas by material and design type. Be sure to check them all out as several plans are flexible and customizable for any bed size.

DIY Wood Headboard Ideas

When it comes to wooden DIY headboards, there are many different types. You can choose to make a headboard out of pallets, wooden planks, and even an old door or fireplace mantel. It all depends on the style that you are looking to achieve. If you’re looking to achieve a more classic look, an old door or fireplace mantel will work wonders for you. However, if you are looking for a more contemporary and modern headboard, then pallets or wooden planks would be your best choice.

Freestanding Wood Headboard

Freestanding Wood Headboard #DIY #homedecor

Tutorial: www.apieceofrainbow.com

This is an easy beginner level project that you can make over a weekend. The freestanding wood headboard allows you to fit it to any bed of the right size. These plans are catered to a queen size bed. The included tutorial with instructions will guide you through to build your own custom headboard. A stylish wood headboard like this will definitely transform your bedroom decor.

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King Size Wood Headboard

This video tutorial will show you how you can build a king size wood headboard. This is a beginner level project and it’s explained really well. So check out this tutorial if you’re looking to build a headboard for your king size bed:

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King Size Reclaimed Wood Look Headboard

King Size Reclaimed Wood Look Headboard #DIY #homedecor

Tutorial: ana-white.com

This headboard only looks like it’s made of reclaimed wood. If that’s the look you want but you don’t want to use salvaged wood, you can go for these plans. They are for a king size bed – so if that’s the size you need, it’s the perfect fit for you. Check it out and try it out!

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