DIY Valentine’s for Kids and Adults!

Giving cards and treats on Valentine’s Day is generally considered to be a kid-centric activity, but I say that’s nonsense! Why shouldn’t adults give cute cards and tasty treats to their friends and family on Valentine’s Day as well? So I’ve rounded up several fun DIYs for cute Valentine’s cards, which are suitable for both kids AND adults. So join me in getting crafty this year, and let’s spread some love this Valentine’s Day! 🙂

Treat-Hugging Penguins


I can’t get over how cute these little penguins are. All you need to make them is a pair of scissors, colored paper, some glue, and a pair of googly eyes. Using some black paper, I cut out an oval shape with wings on the sides for the penguin’s body. Then with white paper, I cut out a snowman shape of sorts for the penguin’s tummy, and glued that to the black piece. Next, I cut two small hearts out of yellow paper to use for feet, and a tiny diamond shape to use as a beak. I glued the hearts on the feet area, then folded the diamond in half, and glued it where a mouth would go. Finally, I glued two googly eyes on as well.

All that’s left to do is add your treat! I placed some candies into a small treat bag, rolled it up tight, then placed it in the middle of the penguin. I folded the arms over to “hug” the treat bag, and secured the arms using a piece of double-sided tape. Voila! The most huggable Valentine’s penguin you’ve ever seen. 😉


Download Penguin Shapes PDF file


Cupid’s Arrow Pencil/Pen


Show your Valentine that you’ve been struck by “Cupid’s Arrow” with an easy Arrow Pencil! Using some red paper, cut the shape of feathers, but mirrored so that two of the feather shapes are connected in the center, with a hole in the center for a pencil to go through. Do the same with a heart shape, where two hearts are connected in the center at the top.

Since the pieces are going to be glued or taped to themselves when applied to the pencil, it occurred to me that I would save myself a step by cutting the shapes out onto a sheet of Silhouette’s Adhesive-Backed Cardstock. I simply peeled the pieces off the sheet like a sticker, folded them over the pencil, and stuck them to themselves. Glue or tape would work just as well though. Once the heart is positioned at the front, and the feathers are on the back, use a pair of scissors to cut a few lines along the sides of the feathers, to give it a more fringed appearance.


Download Arrow Shapes PDF file


Cookie Envelopes


Dress up a delicious homemade cookie by enclosing it in a special cookie envelope! Cut out a square of scrapbook paper measuring about 8″ by 8″ (this should accommodate a large cookie). On the back side of the square, place your cookie in the center, and fold each of the corners in toward the middle, securing them with a piece of tape.

I decided to dress mine up a little bit more by adding a bow with some baker’s twine, but that’s optional of course. Add a label, and you’re done!


Download Envelope Shape PDF file


Geometric Heart Card


The next two projects are just cards, rather than a vehicle for treats or presents, but they’re perfect if you want to write a sweet note to your Valentine, or give a gift card! This first card is inspired by a project from Northstory. This geometric heart card is very on-trend, because geometric designs are having a serious moment! I started by cutting a piece of red scrapbook paper in half, so it measured 6″ by 12″. I folded it in half to create a simple 6″ by 6″ square card.

Next, I cut out 20 triangles, ten in black and ten in gold. You can use whatever colors you want, whether it’s just one color, or even several different colors! In order to achieve the clean, linear look, the triangles need to “45-45-90 triangles”, meaning that two of the sides are the same length, and meet at a 90 degree angle. A simple way to make these triangles is to cut out a square, and then cut that square along a diagonal, which will make two triangles.

Once you have your triangles ready, it’s just a matter of glueing them onto your card. You can follow the pattern shown here, or create your own! As long as it resembles a heart when you’re done, there’s no wrong way to do it.

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