This bathroom light fixture makeover turned out so much better than I ever imagined.! Read on to discover how to replicate the look in your own bathroom!




Hello 90’s master bath!

Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover


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  • Small lamp shade frames -purchase for .75 ea. at a local thrift shop
  • Goo Gone (to remove adhesive and clean up the frames. already had on hand)
  • Black Spray Paint (already had on hand)
  • Vintage Light Bulbs 

I knew I had to think creatively in order to spend less, so I headed to the thrift stores to find something “metal-like” to replace the white bell shaped bulb covers. I wanted to find something a bit industrial/farmhouse. I was even thinking of making cages out of wire fencing. But then, I saw these little lamp shades for .75 cents a piece. I could feel the wire frame inside so I took a chance on them.

Bathroom Light Fixture Make Over Using old lamp shades

I stripped them down. Yes my friends, beauty is indeed, found within.

Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover

I was so happy they were almost exactly the same size as the existing light bulb covers.

Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover

I removed the middle piece by just twisting it off. Then I cleaned up the frames with Goo Gone to remove the adhesive.

Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover

I gave them 2 coats of  black spray paint.

Bathroom Fixture Makeover


I did not want to deal with taking the light fixture off the wall and all of the electrical blah blah blah it would entail. I talked to my sister Beverly (my personal DIY consultant and sister in sawdust) and she said “I spray painted mine while on the wall” Hmmm. OK. Sooooooo,  I tried it.

Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover

Disclaimer: My bathroom has plenty of ventilation (2 windows). I also wore a mask and ran a fan while I was painting. It is also a good idea to turn off the breaker (I totally forgot to do this). Removing the fixture and spray painting outside is the best option if it doesn’t intimidate you.

Since I wanted to paint the whole thing black, I stuffed some newspaper inside the holes where the light bulbs go, to keep the spray paint out.

Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover

I was very careful as I sprayed. I did small sections at a time holding up a piece of cardboard close to where I was spraying. After a few minutes I was done!

Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover

I did have some spray paint “dust” in random places in the bathroom, but everything wiped right off. I just had to give the bathroom surfaces a good wiping after I was done.


After I was finished painting, it was just a matter of putting the cages on, which thankfully rested perfectly on the fixture without any alterations. How lucky is THAT?. And of course these awesome Vintage Light Bulbs are the icing on the cage….(did you catch that??….)!

Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover


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Here are some pictures of the finished light fixture.

Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover

Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover

Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover


I am so proud of this light fixture makeover. This update has been a catalyst for a few other projects in this bathroom. It’s a snow ball effect, isn’t it? Plus, I was done with the yellow looking cabinetry so I had to do something about it. I will update this post with links as soon as the projects are done.

  • Paint the entire bathroom with my $2 magic roller
  • Paint the Vanity 
  • Frame the Mirror
  • Towel Bar Wall Treatment
  • Buy a few accessories

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