I should probably work on the bathrooms next…

What??? I have to try this method for cleaning my shower! 9 MUST READ Cleaning Tips!

I finally did take out the overflowing trash can in my bathroom last night. Once more, because my in-laws are coming down. Thanks for helping me get my butt in gear, Mama and Dad. I will be doing some deep cleaning in the showers though with my HomeRight Steam Machine. Honestly, never in a million years did I think I would love something that cleans so much. I guess age does that to you. Or maybe its the fact that it cuts down on so much time that I can have that cheap beer sooner? ?

Of course, the kitchen is gross too…and has a variety of craft items all over the counters that are supposed to be making some party decorations for the kid’s party. Still working on that one.

I HAVE to get one of these - its the easiest way to clean your kitchen by far! 9 MUST READ Cleaning Tips!

I also use my steam machine to clean my entire kitchen. Yep. The whole room. Counters, backsplash, sink, stove, refrigerator, all the stainless steel. You name it. I clean it with my steamer. See why I like it so much?

My favorite thing to do, ok wait its not my favorite because it involves dog accidents, but maybe the best thing about my steam machine plus, is that it can easily clean up pet stains and odors.

Wish I would have known this a long time ago!! How to clean pet stains and get the odor out of your carpet! 9 MUST READ Cleaning Tips!

I am not a dog person. Go ahead. Throw the tomatoes at me. Sorry, y’all, they just aren’t my cup of tea. The thought of cuddling up with a furry creature is just gross to me. Alas, Grunt Labor and the circus adore the dogs, therefore I tolerate them. Ok, they are just a tad bit cute. Just a tad though. Their accidents are not cute. At all. Here’s how I clean up their stains and odors easily – yep, even on carpets.

I steam clean just about every floor in my house actually.

Use a steam mop to clean just about ANYTHING! 9 MUST READ Cleaning Tips!

And trust me, never in a million years did I think I would be cleaning chemical-free. I grew up in the country where old ladies load their Cadillacs down with ammonia every spring for cleaning. I had fully intended on being one of those old ladies. The Cadillac will definitely happen – the ammonia, not so much.

That being said, I do still use store-bought cleaners for some things.

5 Ways to Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser you didn't know about | Cleaning Tips

I am also a fan of using my magic eraser on a lot of things around the house.

Instead of spray painting your hardware, here's a way to clean it! Isn't that crazy?! 9 MUST READ Cleaning Tips!

One of those things being to clean my hardware. Its much cheaper than replacing it.

How to waterproof fabric and protect upholstery against stains! Great to know! 9 MUST READ Cleaning Tips!

I also use a spray to protect my upholstery from stains and to waterproof it.

See, I’m not 100% hippie.

I literally just laughed out loud at the thought of even being considered a hippie. 

And since the birthday entourage will obviously see the outside of my house, I’d better make that look a little more presentable too..

Easy way to clean up your concrete landscape blocks. 9 MUST READ Cleaning Tips!

There will be some cleaning of concrete landscaping blocks.

And the sidewalk could use a quick little cleaning refresh…

Isn't that difference crazy?! How to Clean A Sidewalk. 9 MUST READ Cleaning Tips!

Yea, I just cringed too at that before picture. I still have no idea what was growing on the sidewalk before I cleaned it.

How to remove rust. You WILL NOT believe this!

If you’ve got rust on anything, I’ve got a killer way to remove it.

What are your best cleaning tips? 

Do any of you have a magic genie in a bottle that can just do all the cleaning, the party decorations and make all the food for me before next Saturday?

Anyone? Anyone?



You know you don’t wanna miss any of this crazy.

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