9 Fridge Organization Ideas Every Fridge Owner Should Know

Fridge is a genius invention that is super helpful in our life. But sometimes the home gets messy (including the fridge) before we knew it! Suddenly we just need some brilliant ideas to destroy the mess quickly, am I right?!

Down below I have gathered 9 useful hacks to help you organize your fridge effectively. These hacks are super easy to do and super effective to fight the mess.

So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

Use lazy susan to make things accessible

via Martha Stewart

It’s no secret that I love lazy susan! This genius organization tool is super helpful!

Use this awesome tool to organize your foods inside the fridge. This way, you don’t need to take everything out just to reach a strawberry jam that is located in the corner of the fridge wall. You just need to spin the wheel! How easy is that?!




Use baskets to categorize your foods

via Good Bye House Hello Home

Say goodbye to the scattered food on your fridge shelves! It’s time for a change!

You can use ergonomic bins and let them help you destroy the mess.

Easily get yourself a pack of bins and organize your foods in certain categorization.

Use the door for fridge inventory

fridge writing

via Awesome Inventions

Get a quick glance of what is inside your fridge without opening it.

It’s so useful and you don’t need any whiteboard to install. Just remember to use the dry-erase marker instead of the permanent one.


Use a wire basket to organize your eggs

Via Raising Up Rubies

Instead of using the old egg container, bring your eggs together in a wire basket. It’s space-saving!


Use binder clips to organize opened bagsBinder clips for freezer organization - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous blog

via Melinda Massie

No more a messy pile of opened french fries and fruit bags! Use some binder clips to shut them up, and hang them on the shelf wires.



Put the “expiring soon” foods in an “EAT ME FIRST!” box

via Clossette

Now if your family has decided to stop wasting any more food, let them learn the FIFO (First In First Out) Method. The foods which come first (and expire the soonest) need to be eaten first.

Remind them of this philosophy using this ‘EAT ME FIRST!’-labeled box.


Use masking tape to label your foods

via Ruhlman

Foods, especially the opened ones, are very time-sensitive.

So, label each food, especially the ones that will expire very soon. You can simply pick a masking tape/painter tape and a marker/pen.

Use binder clips to organize plastic bottles

via homehacks

Another use of binder clip in the fridge!

Have yourself some binder clips (again!), this time is for stacking your bottles. Here the binder clips act like a book divider in a bookshelf that prevents the bottles from rolling over.


Use strong magnetic strips to organize your bottles

via goodhousekeeping

Hurray! Finally, my favorite hack is here!

How do you organize your bottles inside your fridge to make it highly accessible + to impress everybody who opens your fridge door?

Well, there is a genius answer for it!! Just install magnetic strips on the ceiling of the fridge shelves and let it hold your bottles up there. Yes, you can apply this fantastic hacks to organize your favorite soda in a space-saving mode.

How awesome is that?! And you can try this hack at home! Don’t forget to get an awesome magnetic strip

Wait! There is one more thing!

(A bonus hack)

Those organization ideas above are very easy to practice. But an impressive-looking fridge isn’t only tidy, it is also clean.

And if you love having a clean fridge but you hate the cleaning activity itself, follow this smart hack below.

Use Plastic Wrap for shelf protection

plastic Wrap tip

via One Crazy House

Apply plastic wrap to protect your shelves from disgusting food spills.

You can change it weekly or whenever it gets dirty.


All of those hacks above are cheap and easy to do. So try those creative ideas to make your fridge look AMAZING and make things easy to access!

Happy organizing!

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