9 Common Baby Items You Probably Don’t Need

It wasn’t long ago that I was pregnant walking around in stores like Babies R’US and BuyBuyBaby in awe and disbelief. The sheer number of available products for little people that only eat, sleep, cry, and poop for the first few months can be overwhelming.



I mean there are walls and walls of products in those baby superstores and they aren’t cheap. If you are trying to add a new baby to your budget you may be panicking but I have some good news for you. There are lots of products you simply can do without.



If you have a baby on the way then ask yourself if you really need these items.





Wipe warmers are great in theory but few work great, some are fire hazards, and we didn’t want to get our baby used to a luxury that wasn’t possible for us to keep up with when we were out of the house or just not in the nursery.

Instead, we use baby wipes at room temperature. They get the job done just fine.

Tip: Once you know what wipes will work on your baby’s sensitive skin, buy them in bulk. 



Those baby comforter sets are adorable but many are pricey. When we were designing the nursery we had a theme and purchased the cutest bedding set. It was a complete waste of money because pediatricians and The American Academy of Pediatricsrecommend that parents “Avoid use of soft bedding, including crib bumpers, blankets, pillows and soft toys.” The crib or bassinet you use will likely only have tight fitting sheets.

Instead, consider plain organic cotton sheets.  If you are co-sleeping, many of the co-sleepers come lined with a soft fabric. We invested in a Dock-A-Tot.




I had a healthy eight-pound baby and I am so glad I listened to my mom and all the experienced moms who told me not to buy tons of newborn diapers. Babies grow fast and we were finished with newborn diapers in less than a month. Having tons of diapers on hand is a great idea but it’s hard to know what size you will need.


Instead, of purchasing lots of one size, we use Amazon Prime with free 2-day shipping when we need to restock. It’s fast and easy! You can give it a try today with a30-Day Free Trial. I can’t recommend it enough!


Tip: Sign up for freebies of different brands of diapers to find out which brand works best for you.




OK. I understand the desire to purchase newborn shoes for a keepsake but honestly buying lots of shoes for a newborn is a waste. The baby will only be able to wear them for a week and even then, they are just for show because he/she will not be walking.

Instead, we invested in packs of socks to keep our baby’s feet covered.



Tip: Buy socks one size above what you think you need. Baby’s feet grow just as fast as everything else.




Infant bathtubs are cute and some have nice features like thermometers. But you really don’t need a fancy bathtub for baby. You need something that holds a small amount of water and supports your baby’s weight.


Instead of a pricey baby bath, we purchased a $10 IKEA bathtub. This was an easy save because in the beginning, we weren’t giving our baby full baths, we were giving her sponge baths. Then we started bathing 3-4 times a week with very little water in the tub.


Now, she is a big girl and we give baths almost daily and because we purchased a full bath, to begin with, we didn’t need to spend any more money.


Updated: My baby is a toddler now and we still use the IKEA bin for play. I love products with longevity.


Tip: A baby bath sponge like the one below is great for added support in the bathtub.







In the early months I breastfed, then I added in formula for supplementation. When my daughter was ready for solids, we started buying baby food from the store. I was not impressed with the taste (yes, I tasted every baby food product we purchased) and I decided to begin making my own baby food. It was super easy and I didn’t run out and buy a baby food processor.

Instead, I use my old sturdy blender. It’s more than five years old, similar to this one. I already had in my kitchen and it works great for making every baby puree that I’ve had the nerve to try to make.


 Tip: Baby FoodE is a homemade baby food resource I love!




We didn’t purchase any of the baby/nursery furniture sets (crib, dressers, changing table etc.). Each piece in the room was either purchased on sale or DIY’ed. It was all coming together nicely and under budget but I couldn’t find a decent quality, inexpensive, changing table that fit the room well. In hindsight, I’m glad we didn’t settle on just any changing table. We skipped the purchase altogether.

Instead, when we couldn’t find the right changing table at the right price, we purchased a changing pad with high edges that can be used anywhere.



Having a bag to carry the baby’s stuff is necessary but it doesn’t have to be expensive and we didn’t need more than one. Initially, I was looking at fashion bags that were cute and pricey. Also, we both felt we needed a diaper bag, one that was masculine and one that was feminine. We were wrong.

Instead, we ended up purchasing one neutral diaper bag that we keep stocked and ready to go. It was less than $100 and has tons of compartments and space for our growing baby.

Not having two hasn’t been an issue at all. Our baby is only in one place at a time and the bag follows her.

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