8 of my Favourite DIY Christmas Decorations

With the holidays come decorating. DIY Christmas time is yes, as tacky as that might sound, is here. So bring your kiddies to the table and get creative with these DIY Christmas decorations.

DIY Christmas Decorations

Here are some of my favourite DIY Christmas decoration items that I picked out and would like to make this Holiday season. For most, you’ll need a High temp glue gun.

diy christmas decorations to deck your home

#1 – Rustic Felt Christmas Trees

This one was found on Little House of Four. Some green felt and white felt pieces will be needed for this project.


#2 – Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

What a funky DIY Christmas decoration idea! Totally unexpected and easy to recreate thanks to Erin Spain super creative brain. You will need some Mod Podge for it.


#3 – Santa & Reindeer Garland

This garland from The Proper Blog is way too cute for words. I love small things that make a huge impact.


#4 – Pine Cone Christmas Trees

This one is my ultimate fave. I love the final look and how nature and Scissors and Spoons can bring us such bright DIY Christmas ideas.


#5 – Glitter String Ornament

This DIY Christmas ornament is something I would have never thought of. It’s really cool how it comes to life. Thanks to The Xerxes, they provide a complete photo tutorial to show you how to do it.


#6 – Stamped Burlap Ornaments

These stamped burlap ornaments from Bliss Bloom will give your Christmas decor a farmhouse feel. Make sure to have antique typewriter alphabet stamps to stamp the letters on the balls.


#7 – Fur Letters

Spell Joy with lots of warm, a marvellous idea from Place of my Taste. The fur is simply exquisite and super modern. If you’re thinking of replicating it, get this white faux fur fabric and the paper maché letters 8″ x 5.5″ x 1″ you need to spell out JOY or other words at super reasonable prices.


#8 – Twig Stars

Going outside may be a little cold now, but if it was to pick up a few twigs and make these gorgeous, easy to follow stars from North Story, it wouldn’t be so bad would it?? Get some festive bakers twine and striped ribbonto complete your project.


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