5 TED Talks To Improve Mental Health

Self-improvement is something you should strive to do often. Because without improvement you can’t move forward and live the life you dream of.

I practice self-development in many ways, one of my favorite is TED talks.


Because TED talks have knowledgeable speakers who cover a wide range of topics.

Plus you can listen while out walking, driving, on public transport and even in bed.

And you don’t even have to be feeling energized to listen, like you do to read a book.

I think thats a win, win, win.

Don’t you?

So, here I will list 5 TED talks that I think are awesome to help you understand your mindset, mental health and how you can improve it.

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My Favorite TED Talks On Mindset

Watch these TED talks to learn more about your mindset to help you improve your mental health.

How To End Stress, Unhappiness And Anxiety To Live In A Beautiful State: Preetha Ji At TEDxKC

I love this talk as Preetha starts off with a brief meditation and a great story about 2 monks.

I’ve heard this story before and it blows my mind every time. It really offers an insight into your mind and how you view experiences. Definitely food for thought!

Happiness is all in your mind: Gen Kelsang Nyema at TEDxGreenville

“Happiness and unhappiness are states of mind and therefore their real causes cannot be found outside of the mind.”

i love this talk because it is the real truth! The truth can be hard to take, but learning this is what helped me overcome my depression and anxiety.

The secret of becoming mentally strong: Amy Morin at TEDxOcala

Amy starts the talk with a sad story and then shows how this story helped her become mentally strong.

She gives some good tips on how to “Stop giving away your power with unhealthy beliefs.”

“Mental strength is like physical strength. If you want to be mentally strong you have to practice gratitude and give up bad habits.”

Change your mindset, change the game: Dr Alia Crum at TEDxTraverseCity

Dr Alia gave a great talk on how your mindset affects the results you see in your life.

She revealed some mind blowing studies!

“Our mindsets matter”


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3.  11 Natural Antibiotics That Kill Bacteria in Your Body

4.  How to Use Garlic As a Medicine



Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck) Alison Ledgerwood at TEDxUCDavis

Another awesome talk, this time talking about, how we view and perceive information influences our thoughts. 

Alison says spending a few minutes each day writing what you are grateful for boosts well-being. Gratitude is something I practice throughout my whole day and reap so many benefits!

She says “Our view of the world tends to tilt towards the negative”. I think you can agree on this one?

And that “You have to work to see the upside”.

“Our minds may be built to look for the negative and hold onto it. But we can re-train our minds to see the glass as half full”



Moving Forward

These 5 TED talks are only a handful of the amazing talks you can watch for free on YouTube.

So, be sure to spend some time each week looking for talks to help you self-develop, because self-development is hard work and takes consistent practice.

You can’t change your mindset over night. You must practice daily to get the results you wish to see.

The important point is not to give up, because you can improve your mental health.

Hey, I healed chronic depression and anxiety by changing my mindset, so you can too.

My mindfulness practice is very dear to me, as it was the biggest life changing habit I implemented to overcome my chronic depression and anxiety.

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