5 Best Countries for Solo Female Travel

With each passing year, more American women (and women in general) are choosing to travel solo. Traveling alone as a woman can be daunting for first timer’s, but also thrilling and memorable.

If you’re not a seasoned traveler and are considering setting off on your own for the first time, you’re probably wondering where to go. Here are five of the safest countries in the world for women traveling alone, whether you’re traveling on foot or by plane.



Australians are strong supporters of the “gap year.” The “gap year” is the year after graduating college that is dedicated to traveling around the world. Other countries have this custom but Australia really takes it to heart. It’s never too hard to run into young Aussies, especially women, traveling abroad.

By the same token, Australians can readily empathize with others who travel to their country. The people down under are very relaxed and laid back. Women are well respected there and usually have few problems. Consider looking into a car hire and doing a road trip on the Great Ocean Road.


The Netherlands

The Dutch are very well behaved and quietly classy people. They believe that women should be independent, thus there’s very little harassment that takes place. English is widely spoken in larger urban areas and to some extent in rural areas as well.

The Dutch are quite friendly folk and there’s no better way to interact with the locals than by joining one of their favorite pastimes: bicycle riding. There’s nothing like riding along a dyke path, through tulip gardens, as windmills loom in the distance.


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