Well, first you have to ask yourself, “Do I like animals?”

If the answer is no, then, well, this probably isn’t going to be for you.

If you answered yes to this question, then let’s get living baby.

It’s called Housesitting. You may have heard about it before. It’s becoming wildly popular around North America and Europe.

Basically, someone is going on vacation and they have pets. They don’t want to kennel their dog or cat or rabbit or horse (sometimes chickens or other random things are lingering around too).

So they list their house on a site like Trusted Housesitters in order to find a kind hearted animal lover to come and hang at their place for a while.

I’ve seen some listings looking for people to housesit for an entire year. AN ENTIRE YEAR OF LIVING FOR $120! Can you even imagine?

Mostly though, it’s for a few weeks at a time. During the summer it’s more common to see places seeking housesitters for a few months, but there are constantly new places coming up.


I would do it again tomorrow. In fact, Luke and I are looking for somewhere to housesit in January before we head back to Mexico.

As two people who don’t get a chance to have a pet due to our nomadic lifestyle, we absolutely LOVE cuddling with cats each night and walking dogs each morning. The hardest thing is usually leaving these little guys and gals behind when it’s time to leave.

I only have experience with Trusted Housesitters, so that is what I recommend. There are so many countries listed, so many new opportunities which get emailed straight to my inbox every single morning. We’ve had two amazing experiences with hilarious pets, lovely homes, and really excellent hosts of which we are still in contact with.

Outside of my beloved AirBnB, this is probably the only other way I would want to stay semi long-term in another country. I just love being able to live a bit more like a local and nothing says, “I’m a local” more than walking a dog with all the other dog walkers each morning.

The other thing I love about it is that you end up in places you would probably never have visited before. There are listing for rural Ireland, suburban California, log cabins in Canada, ski chalets in France and beach huts in Costa Rica. All it costs you is your plane ticket and your yearly membership fee.


If I haven’t convinced you yet, head over to the site and check it out. See for yourself all of the amazing places you can explore. Imagine if you housesat for even 3 months out of the year. At $120 / 90 days you’re paying just over $1 per night to live. Some people are able to live the entire year simply by housesitting. Your rent for the year could be $120 (of course getting to these places will cost you).

Not only that, but if you use THIS LINK you’ll get 20% off your membership. That makes it less than $100 for a year of possibilities.

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