People travel all the time.

Travel is lovely.

Travel is expensive.



Here are 25 ways to travel for free.

25 Ways To Travel For Free

Volunteering in order to travel:

(more below)


Other cheap options for traveling:

  • Become a tour guide. Organize trips for other groups and be the tour leader. You’ll get paid to travel ?
  • Become a house sitter and care for houses in areas you’d like to travel to.
  • Work as crew on a cruise line.
  • Relocate vehicles. Many travel cross country.
  • Carpool.
  • Work for a room. Hostels often offer opportunities to work in exchange for a free place to stay.
  • Swap houses.
  • Work Seasonal at a ski resort. Just imagine a picturesque resort in the mountains…
  • Teach English as a second language in another country
  • Work as a nanny in a location you’d like to travel to
  • Hitchhike, probably not the safest option.
  • Go human powered. Bike/walk/run across the country.
  • Work at summer camp. They’re all across the states and also in other countries too!
  • Enter contests, you never know what you could win.
  • Get free flights by cashing in on credit card deals
  • Be a secret shopper or reviewer. You’ll get to check out travel locations in exchange for your review.

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